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Metal Building Insulation Products From Therm-All

At Therm-All, we take laminating metal building insulation seriously. It’s what we’ve done since 1981. In fact, we were among the first to spearhead important metal building industry standards, such as third party testing of after-laminated R-values. Today, Therm-All customers can count on insulation products that meet all current standards and certifications, including the increasingly stringent energy codes.

We only use fiberglass from the best name in the business: Owens Corning. We offer laminated or unfaced EcoTouch® Certified R Metal Building Insulation and EcoTouch® Insulation for Metal Utility Blanket.

With the Therm-All and Owens Corning seal of approval, you get a natural bio-based non-acrylic product that:

  • Delivers an outstanding thermal and acoustical performance
  • Passes U.L. tests for fire and smoke
  • Provides an R-value that retains its thickness after lamination.
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About EcoTouch® Certified R Metal Building Insulation

Owens Corning® EcoTouch® Certified R Metal Building Insulation is used as part of the insulation system in the roofs and side walls of metal buildings. It is designed to be laminated with a variety of vapor retarders to provide attractive interior finishes, abuse resistance, and assistance in control of moisture. It can also be used when unfaced fiberglass insulation is required in metal building roof and wall systems.

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About EcoTouch® Insulation for Metal Utility Blanket

Owens Corning EcoTouch® Insulation for Metal Building Utility Blanket is an unfaced light density fibrous glass blanket. The product is designed to be laminated with a variety of vapor retarders and is used for condensation and noise control in metal buildings. After the product is laminated with an appropriate facing, the fiberglass insulation is typically installed in a single layer between the structural members (purlins for roofs and girts for walls) and the exterior panels.

In most cases, the product is installed over and perpendicular to the structural members with the facing towards the interior of the structure.

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Benefits of Metal Building Insulation

Our metal building insulation helps with:

    • Condensation control: Condensation occurs in steel buildings when warmer moist air comes in contact with cold surfaces such as framing members, windows and other accessories, or the colder region within the insulation envelope (if moisture has penetrated the vapor retarder). A good facing with a low perm rating is critical in controlling moisture migration in the building envelope, which is why we use Lamtec vapor retarders in our lamination process.
    • Attractive installed appearance: Our extensive vapor retarder product offerings ensure an attractive finished interior appearance in metal building roofs and walls.
    • Cost savings: Our insulation products help control the indoor temperature, leading to energy efficiency and cost savings for building owners. 
    • Sound abatement: Metal building insulation reduces noise transfer from inside and outside of the building, providing superior noise control.

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